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Network Setup and Whitelisting
Posted 10/28/2009 8:19 AM
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I have Postcast setup on my internal network behind a public firewall.  I have setup a NAT translation for a public IP to my internal IP of the box running Postcast but have opened no inbound ports.  I have also allowed the internal IP of the Postcast server to do port 25 outbound for the mail blasts.  I plan to set the SourceIP as the public IP I setup in NAT, and I've setup reverse DNS for that public IP.  I guess my question is, will this work ok?  My plan I guess is to use that public IP to get whitelisted for the major ISP's.  Can you recommend the best setup, or will this work ok?

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Posted 10/29/2009 1:12 AM
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Your current configuration will certainly help with blacklists, but as an additional layer of protection, you should also specify one or more backup SMTP servers in the pro version of PostCast Server. For more information, see:
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