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Postcast to run as Windows 2000 service
Posted 8/12/2002 6:45 AM
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i tried to start PostCast as service with ApptoService but the only thing i get when I start the service is Runtime error 0. Can someone help me, because i want to install it on a server and i dont like to login befor using PostCast?

Bernd Ehlert-------------------------------
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Posted 8/16/2002 6:00 AM
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You can probably solve the problem with the scheduled Task option in windows 2000/NT.

Create a new task that starts PostCast Server with administrator account and in the Security tab give rights to the user accounts (non administrative) you want to have access to the program. Configure the task to run on logon.

If everything is OK, PostCast Server will run as administrator in a non-administrative user account.
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Posted 10/16/2002 7:52 AM
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In order to have Postcast automaticly start at boot - meaning without having to logon you can use a utillity(2 executables) from the NT4 resource kit.(works fine with both NT4 and WIN2k)
The resource kit comes with a site license, so if your has a license you can freely use it on any server.
If you cant locate the cd you can download it from tons of sites - just search for instsrv.exe and srvany.exe ;-)
They are pretty easy to use but involves at bit knowledge about registry editting..

Read the readme-file delivered with srvany.exe for the details

Here the steps involved:
1) put srvany.exe some where permante in your filesystem,
fx. "c:\Program Files\PostCast 2\service\"
2) use instsvr.exe to create a service for starting postcast.
C:\instsrv.exe PostCast "c:\Program Files\PostCast 2\service\srvany.exe"

3) go into the controlpanel, services and
alter the preferences for the new service(postcast) to:
Logon as administrator
(important - if postcast is started as localsystem it will not have priviledges to communicate over the internet.)
Change the service to start automaticly.
4) enter the registry editor and put in the entries (min 2) as specified in the readme-file.

Now it should start automaticly.

NOTE: If you want to bring up the Postcast GUI,
you'll have to kill the postcast.exe process otherwise a second one will be running and I have no idea what kind of complications what could give.
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