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Posted 7/14/2006 7:33 PM
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I suggest the internal server start when the send/receive button is activated. I use the scheduler to check for new subscriptions daily and I wanted to use the internal server but it appears I would have to leave it on all the time. I thought the function to start a program would make that happen but apparently not.

I'd also like to see the merge program have the ability to make basic html or xml. It's very restricted as to what can be used. I have a customer I'm setting this up for and I will have to teach them some type of webpage editor so they can send the kind of newsletter they want.

It would be wonderful if one could make 2 or 3 columns for text and add photos in the merge function. That alone would bring this program near number one.

Tks and I think with a few added functions this could be the best newsletter program around. I really like some of the features and ease of use.........Gremlin

PS: When I referred to the internal server I should have said the Postcast server free edition. Sorry!

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Posted 7/17/2006 12:40 AM
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Thank you very much for your comments.

You are right, PostCast Server needs to be started all the time in order for PostCast (client) to send messages through it. You can also start it when you need to send messages and close it when you are done. Unfortunately, I do not see how I can change the way this works since PostCast Server is intended to be a completely separate program.

I am aware of the message editor restrictions. When I designed it, my idea was to provide a tool for simple message editing. Anything that is more complex should be done in a tool like FrontPage or some other specialized HTML editor.
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