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Run rules on Inbox
Posted 3/5/2008 9:24 AM
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There have been several occasions where I noticed a trend in the responses I was getting and created a rule to deal with that trend. That's great for future responses, but what about the ones currently sitting in my Inbox. As it is, I have to manually sort through each and every message and process them accordingly.

A very useful feature would be the ability to run/apply the Rules to the messages currently in the Inbox (by the way, Outlook have this feature). For example, let's say I just sent out 10,000 emails and I notice that many of them are coming back with certain text in the Body. As a result, I create a rule that looks for that text and moves those messages to a certain folder (or forwards them, or whatever).

Now, what I do with the messages currently in my Inbox? I have look at them one by one and manually process them. That can potentially take quite a bit of time. So, a feature that would allow me to run the rules on the messages currently in the Inbox would be a big time saver.

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